How To Get Started With Pinterest

Pinterest used to be an elite Social Media networking site. Time was, you needed to be invited to join, either by an existing member or by requesting an invitation from Pinterest and then waiting to see if the Pinterest found you a suitable addition.

But that has all changed recently, thanks to the success of free social networking sites Facebook and Twitter, and Pinterest has opened its doors to everyone. Now, anyone who has a Facebook/ Twitter account or an email address can join.

Joining is fast and easy. Pinterest doesn’t make you jump through hoops to create your account, just a simple registration form, choose 5 example likes from the board and you’re all done.

With the basics now completed, it’s time to for the fun to start. Keep in mind that Pinterest is a social site, so be social! Even if your intention is to advertise your business, start off by getting your name out there; interact with other members by creating your boards and pinning some images to them.

A good way to do this is by re-pinning images you like to one of your boards. You can have lots of boards, so we would suggest you make a few favorite or fun boards. Don’t forget people love humor, so if you have a humorous streak in your personality, let it shine through. Read more…

What’s The Excitement About Pinterest?

You can’t really avoid seeing the word Pinterest anywhere you look today in the social media world. News about Pinterest is literally being splashed about all over the place. So what exactly is Pinterest and should it be a tool that you need to incorporate into your business?

The easiest way to explain what Pinterest is, and what is does, is to look at it as a virtual image noticeboard. People ‘pin’ photos and videos to their own boards and others can ‘like’ them, add comments or ‘re-pin’ (share) images and videos from other people’s boards to their own boards.

Pinterest can be a great way to visually share the things you like. This can be as simple as sharing home decorating tips, showing off new furniture or even photos of your pets or garden! The only limit to what you can share is set by your imagination!

Items are pinned to various boards which can be related to using categories on a blog post or website. A board can be labeled with your terms such as:

  • Favorite Books/Movies
  • Things I love to Eat
  • My Garden
  • Places I would love to Travel to
  • And more (…you get the idea)

Read more…

Twitter – A Tool A Business Owner Can Use

If you haven’t joined in yet, then it’s high time you did. Twitter is one of the most visited social network sites and is becoming more and more popular everyday.

According to a report on Statistic Brain (, in May 2013 Twitter now has over 554,750,000 registered users. 135,000 new users sign up every day. There are 9,100 Tweets made every second of every day.

Why should those statistics impress you? Because they make Twitter prime real estate for you and your business…..and it’s free.

If you use Twitter properly it can be the king of social media. Companies both large and small are realizing Twitter’s true potential.

You can use it to:

•      Introduce new products or services
•      Communicate with existing clients
•      Find and add new clients
•      Promote existing products
•      Build your company brand
•      Develop and improve products and services
•      Find out what your competitors are up to

The advantages of Twitter for your business

Not everybody ‘gets’ Twitter and because they don’t understand it they are missing out. Here are some of the main reasons why your business should be active on Twitter: Read more…

The Facebook Post That Your Fans Will Want To Read And Share

As a business, if you are not sharing content about your business on Facebook then you are missing a huge opportunity. With more than 1 billion active users it is the leading platform for brands and companies to connect with consumers.

Now we are not saying that over 1 billion people are going to read your Facebook page but the fact is, the customers (and thousands of other consumers) who would be interested in your product or services are actively participating on Facebook.  So increase fan engagement!  Reaching out to even a small fraction of those 1 billion users means your business needs to post content fans want to read and share.

Here, we share our essential tips for writing the perfect Facebook posts that grab people’s attention and get you noticed:
Keep it short and to the point
Remember, for most people Facebook is a fun place. They don’t go there to read long posts. They scan Facebook for things that
interest them. Read more…

Steps To Improve Your Website

Many of the clients we speak to have spent huge amounts of money on their websites but are unhappy with the results. The  majority don’t do anything about it as they think it is going to incur more huge expenses and make the assumption that having a better website actually means having to start creating a brand new website from scratch.  In some cases that might be true but from our experience just a couple of tweaks here and there are enough to make the difference between a site making sales or not. Read more…

In-Text and Retargeting Advertising Sources

This is part 6 and the last in the series of the best traffic sources. I’ll be talking about in‑text advertising as well as retargeting or remarketing. If you aren’t familiar in‑text advertising is a form of online advertising where specific keywords within the text of a web page are matched with advertisers who are looking for traffic relating to the specific keyword. Read more…

Social Media and Mobile Advertising Sources

In this article I’m going to talk about different social media advertising platforms and mobile advertising networks. The first thing are the social media advertising. A great place that not a lot of people know about is Stumble Upon. You can learn about them at They have their paid discover  which is their paid advertising. They have a couple of different plans that you can get started with. They have their standard and add on and traffic starts at about 0.10¢ per unique visitor. If you haven’t done any social media advertising and haven’t done any advertising on the social networks, Stumble Upon might be a good place for you to start.

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